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Take action on issues that can change the lives of youth in America – and in your backyard.
Call Your Member in the House of Representatives to Help Pass SRA Funding in FY 2016!


Thank Senator Blunt For Standing with America’s Youth.

Senator Roy Blunt, chair of the Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations subcommittee led the effort for a 50% increase Sexual Risk Avoidance Education in this year’s federal spending bill. Members of Congress rarely receive a “thank you” from constituents. Contact Sen. Blunt’s office Here and say: “Thank you for fighting for America’s youth by increasing their opportunity to receive Sexual Risk Avoidance Education. Learn more about this Senate bill here . Insert press release on Senate LHHS bill.


Ask House Leadership to Include Sexual Risk Avoidance Education in their anti-poverty proposal.

Speaker Paul Ryan is serious about addressing America’s poverty problem. Growing research shows that Sexual Risk Avoidance education (SRA) is the first line of defense against poverty.

Contact Speaker Ryan’s office Here and poverty task-force chair, Congressman and urge them to include SRA education in any legislation designed to help youth avoid poverty as adults. An ounce of prevention is less expensive and more beneficial for our youth. Learn more about the connection between SRA education and poverty here


Tell Congress You Want More Youth To Receive The Skills To Help Them Succeed

The Healthy Relationships Act was introduced in both the House and the Senate. It gives more access to Sexual Risk Avoidance Education without any additional tax dollars. It gives youth the information to build healthy relationships, focus on their education and gain the skills so they can avoid poverty as adults. We don’t think 90% of federal sex education spending should go to programs that promote teen sex. But that’s what’s happening now. Teens deserve more. If you agree, urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor the Healthy Relationship Act in the House and Senate. Significant co-sponsorship is the only way the bill will pass.

Learn more about the Healthy Relationships Act here (Insert link to one Pager on HRA)

Thank Senator Lindsey Graham, Representatives Randy Hultgren and Dan Lipinski for taking the lead in the Senate and House for the Healthy Relationships Act.

Click here for contact information of House Appropriations Committee Members to call.