What We Do

We think youth deserve every opportunity to chart a path to their futures – one that is greatly improved when they don’t engage in risky activities, like teen sex. The decisions they make about sex can have significant impact on their physical and emotional health, their relationships, and their future lives.

We are advocates for the SRA field. We seek to champion youth and equip those most influential in educating youth on healthy relationships and sex.


We equip parents with tools and resources to guide their kids to healthy relationships both now and in their future. Research shows that parents are the most influential voice in a teens perspective of sex. Use that voice to empower your kids to make the healthiest choice for optimal health. Let us help you. Check out our Parent Toolkit and visit our resources page for all the data you need. Use these key points to guide your conversations:

  1. Start talking early. The sooner you begin discussions on anatomy, sexuality, and sex, the more likely they will be to continue talking to you about it in the future.
  2. Answer honestly and concisely. Simplicity is key.
  3. Be open to questions and don’t overreact to their questions or comments.
  4. Be willing to admit if you don’t know the answer. Research to find out the correct answer together.

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Programs

Ascend works with SRAS educators, community organizations and more as they educate youth using a primary prevention health model. Membership with Ascend will provide you with all you need to select, implement and continuously improve a SRA program to meet the needs of your specific youth population. Visit the SRAS Certification page, Resources page and Membership page to find out all we offer to support your work in empowering youth.

Community and School Leaders

Those in school administration or local, state, or federal political roles often serve as the gatekeepers for decisions involving youth. If you fill one of these types of roles, we are here to provide factual, unbiased, recent and relevant information on adolescents and sexual activity. You have the power to shape the way kids receive information regarding sex. We are here to help provide the data you need to support a risk avoidance, optimal health model. Give the youth in your schools and community the best information you can. Healthy kids make healthy adults and communities.