We are here to serve you. By becoming a member you solidify your commitment to link arms and strengthen the SRA field. Help us champion youth by joining with us.

Ascend offers two levels of memberships, individual or organization, based on your needs.

  • Reasoned Voice. We provide a consistent and reasoned national voice promoting SRA.
  • Defending Youth. We coordinate pushback against the harmful“pro-teen sex” agenda.
  • Funding. Ascend secured continued dedicated federal funding for SRA programs (Title V and SRA).
  • Media Cover. We respond to the negative national media so you don’t have to!
  • Choice. Ascend works to provide sex education to states & communities.
  • Credentials. Only Ascend provides meaningful professional designation recognizing your expertise.
  • Partnerships. We link arms with other supportive national groups to aplify the SRA message.
  • Member Support. We help member organizations respond to local challenges and become the local authority for SRA.





    Subscription period: 1 year. No recurring payment.

    • Exclusive Access to Ascend’s “Trending…”
    • Your Voice in Washington DC for Topics That Matter to You
    • “Members-Only” Informational Calls of Hot Topics
    • Discounts on SRAS recertification
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    Subscription period: 1 year. No recurring payments.

    • Discounts on SRAS recertification for your organization.
    • Exclusive Access to Ascend’s “Trending…”
    • Your Voice in Washington DC for Topics That Matter to You
    • “Members-Only” Informational Calls of Hot Topics

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Please contact us at info@weascend.org for more information or click here to become a member!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Public charities may use up to 20 percent of their budgets for lobbying purposes. However, since the Ascend membership fee is significantly less than 20 percent of most organizational funds,your membership fee will fall well within the legal guidelines for nonprofit charities. Contact your attorney to learn the specific lobbying parameters for your organization.

Federal Circular A-122 permits grant funds to be used to join professional associations such as Ascend. If you join Ascend with grant funds, please let Ascend know and dues will be segregated from any lobbying expenditures.

Ascend seeks to work together with all sexual risk avoidance (SRA) organizations to support programs around the country. Because Ascend is a professional association for the field of SRA education, it seeks to strengthen the overall impact of SRA education.

Given that SRA opponents at the state and federal level are now working aggressively to defund SRA education, the SRA community must quickly unite to defend and promote SRA on Capitol Hill. The stronger the Ascend membership base is the greater Ascend’s ability to effectively lobby on behalf of SRA organizations. There truly is strength in numbers! Based on the need to quickly develop a common voice for SRA that can be clearly heard in the halls of Congress, it is essential that every educator, provider and supporter of SRA education link arms through Ascend.

As an individual, you will receive discounts on professional development opportunities, representation in Washington DC for your efforts, general media training, talking points, legislative updates and other informational resources.

The Ascend office is located at 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20006.
You may contact us at (202) 248-5420 or by email at info@weascend.org