Parents as Advocates for SRA Education in Schools

As a parent, you are the most influential voice on relationships and sex for your child(ren). It’s true! Research consistently shows teens look to their parents for guidance on sex and relationships. Want to see the numbers? Click here for the latest survey conducted by The National Campaign. Unfortunately, research also shows that parents are reluctant to discuss sex with their teens. There are also many instances where a parent or guardian are not able to educate their teens on sex.


To bridge the gap, schools step in and teach sex education. However, how and what is taught depends on the school. Research shows that parents want risk avoidance to be emphasized when sex education is taught in schools. Check out this study conducted byBarna Group, a trusted resource in public opinion research.


So, what’s the solution? Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) programs partner with parents and schools to educate teens on avoiding sexual risk. Certified Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialists (find out more about the SRAS designation here) implement a research- based primary prevention model in classrooms across the nation to teach optimal health. The material taught to students is medically accurate, age appropriate, positive, and relevant to help kids thrive.


Did you know that many schools teach so-called “comprehensive” sex education that could include graphic descriptions of risky sexual behaviors that normalize teen sex?  Find out what your school teaches. If you need help encouraging your school district to support research-based sex education that encourages optimal health for teens, check out our PARENT TOOLKIT. It will guide you through talking to your child’s school about implementing age appropriate sex education.

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