Legislation Against Optimal Health for Youth

February 5, 2019

There is a strategic push underway to normalize teen sex and advance “sexual rights” of youth even if that notion opposes family and community values. Demonstrating this strategy, several concerning bills have been introduced or are currently under debate in legislatures across the country. These bills are pushing for radical...

Do We Really Care about the STD Epidemic Among Youth?

November 15, 2018

Image credit: Urine Drug Test HQ For the fourth year in a row infection rates for gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia have all risen. According to the CDC, gonorrhea rates have increased by 67 percent, and syphilis by 76 percent! Chlamydia remains the most common STD, with infections at more than 1.7 million cases,...

Teen Sex is Always About More Than Sex

April 26, 2018

From our Executive Director, Mary Anne Mosack:   Like a breath of fresh air introduced into a long enclosed space, a new funding opportunity has been released from the Office of Adolescent Health(OAH) bringing into view a more balanced approach to sex education. The new Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) funding...


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The Weekly Update: December 19, 2019

December 19, 2019

2020 Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Grantee Conference Creating a 20/20 Vision: Healthy Youth, Healthy FuturesJune 2 – 4, 2020Atlanta, GAThe 2020 Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (APP) Grantee Conference is designed specifically for Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) and Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grantees to learn new and innovative strategies to effectively engage...

The Weekly Update: December 5, 2019

December 5, 2019

In the debate about sex education, the facts should guide decision-making, not agenda-laden sound-bites. That’s why Ascend puts such a high priority on making sure more people understand that Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) education is so important in addressing many of today’s social concerns. We work to raise awareness for...

The Weekly Update: November 21, 2019

November 21, 2019

Trojan Horse in the Classroom: Normalizing Teen Sex Deceptively named, Advocates for Youth is linking arms with the well-known Trojan condom company. They are expecting us all to agree that they should be in charge of teaching our kids about sex. Yes, Big Condom in the classroom teaching kids about...


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