What is DOTH?


What is DOTH?

An annual event hosted by Ascend for youth to help raise awareness and educate Congress on SRA education. Youth from across the nation will be coming to Capitol Hill to meet with their Members of Congress to share what Sexual Risk Avoidance education means to them and how your program has impacted their lives.


When is it?

This year DOTH will be March 1, 2018


Why is it important to your organization:

This is a chance for you to have true influence by communicating the value of SRA education and the importance of ongoing funding for programs such as yours. Your Congress members will hear directly from your students how your program has impacted their lives. This is the most direct way for your message to be heard by those who make decisions on SRA funding. Congressional offices consider meeting with their constituents a priority, so even if you won’t be bringing young people, be assured, your Member wants to hear from you!


How Much Does it Cost?:

  • It costs less than you’d expect!
  • Cost varies depending on where you are traveling from. Costs could include: lodging, food, airfare, gasoline costs, parking fees, metro tickets, and any spending money your students chose to take. Each program will determine how costs will be covered.
  • See our DOTH Cost Estimator to help you determine your organization’s expected overall cost.


Getting Your Students Involved:

  1. Share what a rare opportunity it is to get to sit down and talk to their Congressmen!
  2. Talk about the exciting things to see and do in DC! We will provide you with a list of activities and sites to see while you are here.
  3. Notify schools and get permission; maybe ask for them to offer extra credit for a report on the trip
  4. Promote that it is an opportunity for leadership development and a way to boost resume/college application
  5. Offer incentives, or make it a requirement for a leadership position within your student leadership group.


What the day looks like:

You will attend a meeting at the beginning of the day where we will provide you with some updates on what is happening in DC , and the need to communicate the value of SRA for continued funding. After the morning meeting, you will receive a customized schedule of meetings with Members from your state to follow. You will also be given tickets to tour the Capitol and sit in on a session of Congress! After the completion of your meetings and the tour, you are welcome to plan your own itinerary of sites to see or follow our suggested agenda.


It’s a full day and can be a substantial amount of walking so please be sure to wear comfortable shoes!


Please watch Facebook for more details!


What you should do now:

  1. Please let us know an estimated group number if you plan to attend. It can change, but it would be very helpful for us to have an idea of how many people to expect. You can email us at info@weascend.org to let us know roughly how many people you will be bringing.
  2. Please register as soon as possible by clicking here.

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