Our Mission

Ascend champions youth to make healthy decisions in relationship and life promoting well-being through a primary prevention strategy, and as a national membership and advocacy organization that serves, leads, represents and equips the Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) field.


Our Goals

First and foremost, Ascend aims to empower today’s youth to make healthy, informed decisions about sex. Since our founding in 2007, we have raised nearly half-a-billion dollars for the Sexual Risk Avoidance field in the aim of realizing this goal.

In addition, we are advocates for parents and communities. We strongly believe that they should have the choice to select Sexual Risk Avoidance for their children. Because of the work we have done in the past decade, the majority of states — and even more communities — are teaching the health-affirming SRA message in health classes across the country.


Increasing Awareness.

However, that does not mean that our work is complete. We think that when there is a debate about sex education, the facts should guide decision-making, not agenda-laden sound-bites. That’s why Ascend puts such a high priority on making sure more people understand that SRA education is so important in addressing many of today’s social concerns.

When teens add sex to already turbulent adolescences, it can have a big impact on their future prospects. Their educational success. Their ability to avoid poverty in the future. The families they will eventually form. The health of their relationships. How they feel about their lives.

So we work to raise awareness for the healthiest messages for our youth. In national media. In Congress. In statehouses across the nation. With parents. And in the cultural conversation about teens and sex.

More Work To Be Done

There are still far too many youth who have never heard that their futures can be brighter if they don’t engage in risky behaviors, like teen sex. And there are far too many policy-makers who don’t know that teens can and are waiting for sex in record numbers. We are stronger together and the path forward is bright as we link arms in this important work. Join our efforts to help youth thrive.

Because we believe where youth live or what their current reality looks like should not exclude them from the tools for the best possible health outcomes and future success.