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Maximizing Connection with ALL Youth

Diversity awareness certification

Increase your team’s effectiveness and resonance in the classroom by recognizing and responding to the lived experiences of ALL youth.
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Maximize Your Connection with ALL Youth in the Classroom

The lived experiences and perspectives of youth are varied and continually evolving. Your team may be knowledgeable in the content of SRA and seasoned in classroom presentation skills, but are they proficient in resonating with youth from various backgrounds?

This training will help your team build on their SRAE foundations and expand their SRAE toolkit with knowledge, compassion, and practical strategies.

What You'll Learn

SRA educators will be taught both soft and hard skills such as:
Active Listening
Answering tough questions
Self-awareness and self-management
Social awareness and social management
Seeking the perspectives of others
Asking the right questions
in-person at location of your choice
two days

You choose the dates


for groups up to 30


Four essential modules are delivered over two full days, comprised of instructor-led training, group discussions, team-centered approaches to problem-solving & brainstorming, and hands-on application of content, including classroom simulation and role-play.

We will work with you to determine dates that work best for your team and ours.

You will host the event at a location of your choice, and we will come to you.

$11,000 (includes $2,500 for travel costs for two Ascend instructors).
Cost is for groups of 30. For pricing for groups larger than 30, please contact us.

Have more questions or want more info? Give us a call or send a message now.

Course Structure

Day One

Module 1
Module 1 (cont'd.)
Module 2
Day One Closing Activities

Day Two

Module 3
Module 3 (cont'd)
Module 4
Team Takeaway Session


Increasing Emotional Intelligence: Raising Presenter Awareness of Social and Cultural Diversity
It is hard to overestimate the value of emotional intelligence when attempting to connect with others. When SRA facilitators understand their own feelings and those of their students, they are better equipped to communicate with the resonance and relatability needed for a culturally sensitive, successful SRA presentation. This module provides fascinating research and practical ways to increase your own emotional intelligence as a crucial component of effectively communicating affirmation and acceptance of diverse student populations.
Hiding in Plain Sight: Recognizing and Responding to the Red Flags of Trauma
This module features insights on understanding how trauma negatively impacts the physical and emotional health of adolescents and the importance of integrating a trauma-informed approach into SRAE curricula presentations. Participants will learn how to identify underrepresented, trauma-exposed youth and implement real-life applications to create safe physical and social environments to effectively address the trauma needs of vulnerable youth populations.
Module 3
Cultural Competency: Creating Pathways of Inclusion that Actualize Equity and Resonate with the Lived Experiences of Youth
This module will help you cultivate greater awareness of the diverse life experiences, values, and backgrounds of all youth. Through socially, linguistically, and culturally appropriate interventions that uncover unconscious bias, meaningful relationships can be achieved. The practical information and dynamic team-building activities in this module will help you forge new skills in applying culturally sensitive interventions designed to respond to the lived experiences of youth with compassion, understanding, and the irresistible message that they are seen, heard, and greatly valued.
Module 4

Say It Out Loud: Leveraging Language to Increase Emotional Resilience

It is critical that SRAE facilitators recognize that the lived experiences of youth shape their thoughts and impact their behaviors, for better or worse. The good news is we can help youth develop skills to redirect negative thought patterns toward positive goals that increase personal agency and empowerment. In this module, SRAE facilitators will learn practical techniques based on neurolinguistic and science-of-hope concepts to help youth create pathways that actualize hope as an internal asset to achieve goals that seem out of reach in their lived experience.

Meet the Instructors

Mary Anne


Tracey Pike serves as the Executive Director of Ascend. She is passionate about developing and maintaining partnerships with those dedicated to the holistic health of youth. Tracey has been an SRA educator since 2000 and received her SRAS certification from Ascend in 2012. She has authored and facilitated numerous SRA and holistic health programs. Tracey designed and launched a six-year longitudinal study (the Program Impact Evaluation (PIE) program) to measure the effectiveness of the I Decide for Me curriculum. Tracey is dedicated to helping youth reach their full potential and positively impacting youth for optimal health outcomes.


Raymona Ellison has served the youth of Little Rock, AR for several years. She is Founder and Executive Director of Little Rock Life Skillz, LLC. The focus of the organization is to “battle social ills – one child at a time.” The organization teaches character development to pre-school and elementary-school children through regular visits by “The Character Queen.” Middle and high school students are equipped to make healthy choices in their relationships through Risk Avoidance Education curricula in conjunction with Choosing to Excel (Conway, AR).
*Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist Trainer

Reviews of I See You

This training is a groundbreaking professional development initiative. The modules were well introduced, ventilated, and allowed for maximum participation by all.
Will Push Your Team to Think Critically
This training will push your team to think critically about what's most important when it comes to reaching youth.
Deeper Exploration and Integration of these Topics
What was most instructive was the new information that was intrinsically linked throughout out all the modules. While some of the information was initially touched upon in previous webinars, it was more deeply explored in this workshop. This allowed for a greater understanding of our role and function as SRAE professionals.
This training was sensational! I know I can speak for the whole team when I say we are better equipped going out into the field. The ideas presented will be especially important as we go into new schools and may face difficult questions.
Relatable, Relevant, Informative
I've been to a lot of trainings over the past few years…this was hands down one of the most relatable, relevant, and informative trainings I've been a part of I've learned tools that I can bring into my classes and expanded a skill set that I didn't know I was missing until today.
Reminded Me Why I’m So Passionate About this Work
This training provided the language to address the unseen and unspoken within the classroom while empowering us as educators. Along the way it reminded me why I am so passionate about this work in the first place.
A Must
The I See You training is a must for any program that is going to continue to be successful and have a teaching team that feels empowered and confident every time they walk into a classroom.
Correct Perspective of the Purpose Behind SRA Message
We were encouraged to show empathy while at the same time communicate passion for doing what we do. This involves putting into correct perspective the purpose behind the SRA message that we carry.
Help Students Understand Their Value and Worth
Our team came away feeling much stronger not only in their classroom skills but also more adept in their understanding of how to appropriately strengthen the SRA elements so that the students they teach do understand their value and their worth, no matter their past or current circumstances.
Presenter’s Mastery of Topics
I want to recognize the professional ability of the presenters, Tracey Pike, SRAST and Raymona Ellison, SRAST. Together they ensured that we were always engaged at every level of the discussions. I wish to further compliment them on their mastery of the topics and their level of preparedness. This training was an important tool for ensuring that as SRAE professionals we fully understand that we are important social change managers at a very critical time in the lives of our publics.
Best Support Our Educators Received Since Certification
As the Executive Director of our team, I felt that this was the best support our educators could have received since becoming certified. The Ascend presenters spoke directly to working within different classroom environments and dealing with differing student needs. This was two days of focused material, developed by seasoned educators who understand education today. These Ascend trainers have personally navigated the hurdles found in today’s classrooms, and they expertly share how to successfully cover SRAE elements in those classrooms.
Interactive and Personal
I appreciated how interactive the entire training was and how personal Tracey and Raymona were.
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