Your tax-deductible donation helps Ascend reach more youth with the message that their futures can be brighter if they don’t engage in risky behaviors, like teen sex. 

What We Do

We equip and unite the national Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) field to empower youth to make healthy choices about sex and relationships.

SRA is an approach to sex education based on primary preventionan established public health model used to promote wellness and eliminate risk.  

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More youth get access to the skills, information, and encouragement to avoid all sexual risk. 
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Our Impact

Despite our status as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a limited budget, we have worked tirelessly to make significant impacts benefitting the SRA field since our founding in 2007. 
Since 2007, Ascend has demonstrated SRA as a primary prevention public health approach and continues to provide medical and social science research and theoretical frameworks to promote the widespread implementation of SRA education. 
Over Half a Billion Dollars Secured for SRA
Ascend has been instrumental in educating Congress, resulting in over half a billion dollars made available to fund SRA organizations in communities and schools across the nation, with impacts such as:
reaching hundreds thousands youth
SRA organizations across the country reaching hundreds of thousands of youth annually with the SRA message, giving parents and schools an alternative to explicit sex ed.
SRA grantees in all 50 states and the US territories receiving valuable technical assistance to improve program implementation. 
Significant national evaluations initiated to drive continued SRA program effectiveness.
Thousands of SRA Professionals Served
Over 2500 SRA instructors 
credentialed with the professional Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist designation since 2012
Over 300 graduates 
equipped with our SRA communication practicum, Make Your Message Matter, since 2019
Hundreds of SRA Organizations 
served, reaching millions of youth annually with SRA education. 

What We Stand For

All Youth Deserve a Bright Future

No matter their current life circumstances, their past choices, or their lived experiences. 

Facts Must Guide the Issue

In the debate about sex education, facts should guide decision-making, not agenda-laden sound-bites. 

We Are Stronger Together

We must work together to ensure all youth have the opportunity to achieve optimal sexual health.

We Won't Give Up On Youth.

And not on their access to the skills, information, and encouragement to avoid all sexual risk. 

Will you join us?

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