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What is Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA)?

SRA is an approach to sex education based on primary prevention, an established public health model used to promote wellness and eliminate risk.

Who We Serve

Ascend is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that represents, equips, and advocates for those who reach youth with the SRA message.
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SRA Educators
& Guardians
School &
Community Leaders

SRA Educators

Ascend offers a comprehensive, professional designation recognizing individuals who wish to or currently offer SRA education at the school and community levels. Qualifies for CEUs.
Learn more about SRA Certification

Parents & Guardians

We advocate for parents and guardians. We strongly believe in their right to choose the type of sex education they believe is best for their children. Our Parents Matter Quick Guide can show you how to champion sex education for your child’s optimal health. 
See the Parents Matter Quick Guide
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SRA Organizations

We understand the challenges SRA organizations face. See how Ascend’s SRA Certification Course can help you manage the complexities of onboarding your team while awarding them the premiere SRA professional designation.  
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Health Professionals

SRA is an educational approach based on the public health model of primary prevention to empower youth to avoid all risks of sexual activity. 
Read about the Optimal Health model and SRA
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Youth Programs

Ascend advocates for optimal health for all youth. Join us for our annual Youth Leadership Summit in Washington DC where youth are equipped to share with their Member of Congress why it’s so important to support SRA education.
Learn about our annual Youth Leadership Summit

School & Community Leaders

There are vast differences between SRA education and SRR “comprehensive” education. We believe in the rights of schools, parents, and communities to make their own choice. Respecting local control and community standards is an important consideration in how sex education is taught.
What you need to know about SRA
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The Evidence Is Clear

Helping teens eliminate sexual risk – not simply reduce it – gives them the best chance for success.


Because sex is always about more than sex.

Decisions teens make about sex can significantly impact their physical and emotional health, their relationships, and their future lives. 

Studies show SRA works.

Much more likely to delay sexual initiation
Delaying the age of sexual debut is correlated to positive holistic health. 
If sexually active, more likely to
 discontinue or reduce number of partners
Decreasing partners decreases negative outcomes, like STDs.
No Less Likely Condom
No less likely to use a condom
than their peers who don’t receive SRA education
Achieve better 
academic outcomes
Students who had SRA programming had higher rates of passing standardized tests.
Less likely to engage in other risk behaviors
such as drinking, smoking, and drug use.

And it's No Surprise Why!

SRA education helps youth develop research-based protective factors that help them thrive, such as:

So We Work
to Raise Awareness

In national media
With parents & guardians
With health professionals
In Congress and state-houses 
across the nation
In schools & communities
In the cultural conversation 
about teens and sex

Our Impact

Despite our status as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a limited budget, we have worked tirelessly to make significant impacts benefitting the SRA field since our founding in 2007. 
Since 2007, Ascend has demonstrated SRA as a primary prevention public health approach and continues to provide medical and social science research and theoretical frameworks to promote the widespread implementation of SRA education. 
Over Half a Billion Dollars Secured for SRA
Ascend has been instrumental in educating Congress, resulting in over half a billion dollars made available to fund SRA organizations in communities and schools across the nation, with impacts such as:
reaching hundreds thousands youth
SRA organizations across the country reaching hundreds of thousands of youth annually with the SRA message, giving parents and schools an alternative to explicit sex ed.
SRA grantees in all 50 states and the US territories receiving valuable technical assistance to improve program implementation. 
Significant national evaluations initiated to drive continued SRA program effectiveness.
Thousands of SRA Professionals Served
Over 2500 SRA instructors 
credentialed with the professional Sexual Risk Avoidance Specialist designation since 2012
Over 300 graduates 
equipped with our SRA communication practicum, Make Your Message Matter, since 2019
Hundreds of SRA Organizations 
served, reaching millions of youth annually with SRA education. 

We Won't Give Up on Youth.

And not on their access to the skills, information, and encouragement to avoid all sexual risk.

Will you join us?

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SRA Educator Certification

Earn the premiere SRA professional designation with Ascend's online SRA Certification Course.

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Get support and link arms with other like-minded SRA professionals with Ascend Membership.
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Learn to communicate the SRA message in the classroom and the public square with skill and confidence.

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