Keeping your SRAS designation active requires recertification every two years. Recertification is critical to maintaining the standard of excellence in the SRA field.


​Recertification Overview and Requirements:

    • 2 E-Learning Modules: On-line modules and supplementary reading affords students an individually-paced learning environment that can happen anywhere and anytime.


    • 2 Online Quizzes: Each module will be followed by a short quiz . You may use your notes as a guide to answer questions in the quizzes.


    • Deadline: The pre-reading assignments and online quizzes need to be completed within 30 days of your start date.


    • Recertification Practicum: In lieu of a final exam, you must complete an individualized practical application project within 30 days of concluding the SRAS-recertification seminar. Choose any topic or concept that is of special interest to you and that has been covered during the recertification presentation. The goal is to make a very practical application of this concept to your SRA program. ( More details are included in the presentation for this project).


    • Assessment: Scoring will be based on the 2 quizzes and the individualized project. An 80% cumulative score will be required to renew your SRAS credential.


    • Code of Ethics: You will once again be asked to review and sign the Ascend Code of Ethics agreement.


    • SRAS Recertification: The credential is valid for 2 years.


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